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The Company has also started the production of organic-mineral fertiliser “GRAMED” obtained through combining the processed wastewater sludge with fertiliser components, resulting in top quality and versatile product.

Thanks to extensive research carried out since the year 2009, the Company obtained the Decision no. 280/11 issued on June 21, 2011 by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, allowing it to introduce organic-mineral fertiliser “GRAMED” to the market.

The production of the fertiliser allows for recycling of problematic waste, such as municipal sewage, transforming it to fully adequate fertiliser.

Benefits of the fertiliser:

  • Provides organic nutrients to the soil
  • Combines the advantages of artificial fertiliser and natural manure
  • Supports the cultivation of crop plants, seedlings, etc.
  • Does not contain metals, harmful substances or pathogens,
  • Saves money.

“GRAMED” is a new product, guaranteeing the implementation of Good Agricultural Practice in all farming businesses.

 “GRAMED” costs half as much as competitive products with similar fertilisation parameters.

Contact person:
Bartosz Wiewióra
phone: 660 770 124

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