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Spółka Bio-Med offers services performed using state-of-the-art machinery – trammel screen PRONAR MPB 18.47. Thanks to sturdy structure and simple mode of operation, the trammel screen is effective in the work with various materials – soil, rubble, compost, municipal waste, coal, aggregate stone and biomass. Neodymium magnetic separator makes possible separating from the subscreen fraction the ferromagnetic materials from the sieved material. The machine is powered by Mitsubishi diesel engine which complies with Stage 3A EU emissions standard, making the machine independent from external power sources. The standard means of transport for the trammel screen machine is a truck, and the dimensions of the machine and its certification of approval allow for its transportation on public roads without the need for any special permit. In order to transport the machine for shorter distances, it can be aggregated with low-speed machinery, such as a tractor unit or a loader.

Technical details

  • width – 2550 mm
  • height – 3800 mm
  • length – 10 800 mm
  • total weight  – 12 800 kg
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