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We provide the following services:

  • Neutralisation of hazardous waste
  • Destroying and neutralising defective or recalled products
  • Destroying of data, documents, magnetic and digital data carriers
  • Neutralisation of poisons, chemical reagents, catalysers and laboratory glassware
  • Neutralisation of asbestos, roofing membrane and tar
  • Utilisation of coolers, active carbon, sorbents and absorbents
  • Recycling of electronic, computer and household equipment, batteries and plastics

We offer:

  • Consultancy as regards the choice of optimum waste neutralisation technology
  • Professional preparation of waste management plans
  • Preparation of documents, applications for issuing of decisions
  • Running of waste registers and filing of reports
  • Preparation of contamination containment projects
  • Reporting and representation before governmental bodies
  • We provide services in the measurements, research and projects in the field of environmental protection

We guarantee:

  • Collection of waste at the producer’s location and transportation to the place of neutralisation
  • Handing over of the document confirming the neutralisation, recycling or utilisation of waste
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